Adulterer #1 3 a.m.

22 Sep



…the phone rung at a quarter to 3 a.m., wondering if my husband had heard the ring caused my heart to stop and bullets of sweat to leave my pours. I was exhausted from the mental agony of feeling like a prisoner in my own mind. My body was in bed with my husband, but my heart with in love with him.

Should I go or stay were the sounding words that gripped my heart, but my cup was running over and the need of a refill was burning at my reservoir.  I wanted more, much more and just the ringing of the phone raced my heart to fill the overflow that I was experiencing to no end. Was this the beginning of love again…everything within me knew this was wrong, but it felt so right. The internal conflict built a wall of shame and guilt that would cause me to travel down a road of one lie after another. It was me, I was doing what I never vowed to do.

I answered the phone hoping that my heart wasn’t as loud as my voice, I was in love but not with my husband.

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