Adulterer #2 The first visit…

23 Sep



…I answered the phone to only listen to him breathe, I believe he inhaled as I exhaled and this became our rhythmic pattern night after night. We were in love. Everything slowed down, every moment was a new moment…a new memory.

The next day, I went to his house, but I knew I could not take this any further,  I was a married woman. I was at a crossroads,  what do I do next?

It was his eyes, he statue, his physique, his need to need me and desire me. I felt wanted again, alive again…I felt loved again.

I became his good “thang”…immediately showing him how to decorate his home, what to organize, I even moved a few things around…until the passion became to intense and I had to leave. It was time to go home.

I walked to my car thinking I should never go back,  however not knowing that I would never leave again soon.










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