Adulterer #3 Where did he come from and how did he get here?

23 Sep

931Where did he come from and how did he get here? This was the question I had asked myself so many times which lead to the question of how did I even get here?  What had happen in a marriage that lasted over a decade to cause me to want more to desire more. I was a Christian woman with values, I knew the price I would pay for adultery…but I wanted more, much more.

I had spent moments, minutes, hours, days and weeks asking for the love that I desired and needed from my husband. We were in a place of complacency. We knew the details of each other’s lives..but we lacked the passion to be compassionate. We knew the desires of each other’s hearts…but we lacked the will to do. We were stuck.  We were parents of two children and we were stuck. Stuck in the routine and ritual of everyday living. We were stuck saying the same things, doing the same things and being in the same place.

But Him, he appeared on the scene nearly years prior. It was a simple Facebook message, just to say hello to me, nothing more, nothing less. Just a middle school reconnection of a good friend.

Years would pass and the hellos would be followed by, How are you? How is the family? What are you up to?  The banter was clean conversation, but the connection became spiritual.



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