Adulterer #4 …the day he wouldn’t let me leave.

25 Sep

10…the day he wouldn’t let me leave.

I was at his house, no sexual activity was going on…just laughter, love and long stares. He spoke to my soul when his mouth wouldn’t move. He ministered to my spirit when my flesh cried. He was my king, my lord…he knew me and the shift happened.  I had found my soul mate, well my soul mate found me…he came to rescue me, to capture me and set me free. I was fire burning that never consumed a thing, I was his spoon to his fork, his butter to his biscuit,  his beat to his broken heart. I was the softer side to him.

Our years of youth mirrored each other…God birthed us into mounds of pain and despair at birth. Our souls greeted each other at 13, but our spirits knew each other’s pain at birth…now in our 40’s, we connected on a level that shifted our lives to soon become 1. 1 was all it took, 1 moment,  1 encounter, 1 occasion,  and soon to be 1 flesh…

Yet, I was married…to the father of my 2 kids, but I was in love with a man that had 4 and he was in love with me too. I believe he never stop loving me. Everything in our lives were similar,  we said I do to the name of another but it wasn’t each other.



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