Adulterer #5 The day I set myself free…

25 Sep


The rain was loud, but not louder than my thoughts…it was Super Bowl Sunday 2018.

The call came in at 5 a.m.

Are you married?

Tears fell fast and I couldn’t stop them.

I wasn’t sure if it was the reality of where I was or if it was because I had to face it now or never.

I was married.

…yes, yes I am married.

The phone hung up and my heart broke. I got dressed and l left the house. I was back there, where I thought I belong. I was there..dirty. smelly, wet and broken.

He open the door and I came in…

I cried for over an hour.

My flesh was weak..but my spirit was set free.

My soul was now at peace.

I left my car running and I stood telling my soulmate that I loved him.

He was angry, but he loved me too.











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