Adulterer #10 I preached a word…I walked with a limp.

26 Sep

07I walk with a limp was preached by me at the tip of my plateau. I was studying God’s word, but I had issues…big issues. I was getting s divorce and spending countless of hours with the man of my dreams at the time. I was happy and sad, enlightened yet confused,  happy and still hurt.

How did I get here?

I got here over 10 years back, the simple Facebook message…the hello.  The gates opened and I walked into them.

What was i missing?

I loved love…and I wanted to be loved.

I loved romances intimacy,  passion…I wanted it.

It was the way he looked at me..grabbed me…it was the words, the promises,  that were empty and void.

That day, I supported his vision…and he supported mine…he was my camera videographer man.

Who knew that even the minister would fail…would faulty and fall short.




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