Adulterer #12 …Birthday Plans, Wedding Plans..

28 Sep


…when the Birthday Plans are breathtaking.

I spent hours planning thr perfect birthday gift for the man of my dreams. He had promised me to marry me on his birthday and I was ready. It was time to live that life that I had always dreamt of. The perfect birthday present was… I do, but we did not.

I purchased a cooking class for the master chef himself.  I also got him a fabulous outfit….and to top it off I took him on a trip to jump out the plan. Yes, skydiving is the gift I had for him.

We arrived at the skydiving place and everyone thought we were the SHIT….they admired our glow. We were 1.

He had told me that he had plan to propose in the air, but he didn’t…it never happened.

We went to dinner afterwards,  but it was like he wasn’t there…he was present,  but absent.

The representative was gone…😥 and I didn’t get engaged.


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