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Yet only God cares enough to hear and not judge.

20 Nov

I titled this piece empty and words that are still yet to be formed.

…and the pain becomes more than you can bear or even discuss. Yet, you can’t comprehend the hurt.

20 Nov

…when your heart breaks and your mouth opens to words that no one can hear.

And piece by piece cuts.

20 Nov

…the blood flows.

…when the glass begins to shatter.

20 Nov

…we all fall short.

17 Nov

….we all fall short. We all miss the mark. We all strive and slip on the road towards greatness. My story was David’s. I desired what wasn’t mine and I wanted it. I wanted it by all means necessary. I thought it was mine. My mind disregarded any reasons why it wasn’t. I was in sin…and in love…and lost. But God…

Sometimes subtraction is addition…

17 Nov

I subtracted pain, and God added joy.

I subtracted disappointment, and God added peace.

I subtracted lost, and God gave me a win.

There was so much that I needed and desired that left me empty and depleted.

Trauma has a way of piercing your soul and energy leaving you with no joy or peace.

I subtracted hate and God gave me love, he gave me HIM.

Even when you lose, you win…

10 Nov

Even when I lost, I won…and I keep winning even when I lose.