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I didn’t realize I was dancing with the devil.

5 Dec

I didn’t realize I was dancing with the devil.

He took me on a spin and twirled me in the wind.

The lights were deemed and the atmosphere was ripe.

The ambiance was fierce and the words he whispered made all things disappear.

Then one day my eyes open and he appeared, it was him all alone…the devil in disguise attempting to cause my demise.

I never realized I was dancing with the devil until me, literally all of me was gone.

…when God gives you back what you lost.

1 Dec

God promised me a few things years ago that I have waited patiently to receive. The journey has been rocky to say the least and the pain greater than the journey.

…a year ago I was in a state of horror and flight. I didn’t know what to do and how to even do it. I was being control by forces that were godly.

One thing that was taken and now restored was my mind. I was functioning, but not living.

Today I live…🙏