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I am learning to speak Positive Affirmations…..Here is a list I will commit to saying daily!

15 Nov
  1. I am successful.
  2. I deserve love and goodness.
  3. I am perfect in this moment.
  4. My dreams are coming true.
  5. Money is coming my way.
  6. I am a great person.
  7. I like everything about myself.
  8. I am exactly who I want to be.
  9. My life is my own.
  10. I am the captain of my own ship.
  11. I decide to be happy and I am happy.
  12. I love myself.
  13. I love my life.
  14. I am grateful for everything I have.
  15. I am surrounded by good people and good things.
  16. I am ready for anything.
  17. Today is a great day.
  18. I expect only the very best.
  19. I allow good people into my life because I am a good person.
  20. Thank you for the success I already have.
  21. There is nothing I want that I can’t have.

It is official, I am now a vegetarian! I must take care of my mind, soul and body!

13 Nov

AfterI started watching Food Matters, I was just in awe of the information that I was hearing. What in the world have I done to my body- the unexplain headaches, stomach aches, hives and stress. I am done. I deserve to live and enjoy life- excellent weath and health is my GOAL! Today is day 1.