Adulterer #7 The picture…

25 Sep



The picture,  this is the picture…this is what I hoped for and dreamt of for years. I had waited 8 years of not having premarital sex before I married my kid’s father. I was on sabbatical from dating and the world to find me to love me and to enjoy me. I didn’t want to be intimately involved with anyone until I married. I purchased the picture in my early twenties and this picture begin to talk to me and minister to me…it was my hope and my future,  it was my destiny.

The picture spoke to me…I knew that the man in the picture was my future husband.  Everything in the picture depicted what my heart desired…

He was covering her.

He was holding her.

The sun (SON) was shining on them.

The fence shielded us and protected us, it was our sacred place.

She wore white…pure…it was my wedding night in the picture.

She was speaking life into his ear…

I held this picture for years, single and married, yet it never manifested.



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