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Reading…The Shack Revisited and OMG, OMG, OMG!

18 Mar

I read The Shack last year and it blew my mind and now a year later, The Shack Revisited….OMG….I am experiencing the same WOW experiences….I am so HIGH right now off the Holy Spirit!


Worrying only m…

12 Jan

Worrying only means that you lost focus, get back on track and wear some faith shades! Take the dirty glasses off! You can’t walk in the Sun (Son: Jesus) looking foolish! ~Dr. G. Torbert

Are you a Bamboo Tree? This is DEEP!

12 Jan


Thank you Pastor Houston for this inspiration.

There are unique characteristics of a Bamboo Tree and they are:

  1. They spend years growing roots before their life sparks!
  2. They are very strong!
  3. If the winds blow really hard against the Bamboo Tree and it falls…it’s roots are able to lift itself back up over time. And guess what…the next time a storm comes..the wind has to blow extra hard because the previous winds will not cause the same damage!


I am purchasing 3 tomorrow!