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Even while you sleep, listen and make money!

23 Jan

Today is your day! Believe it!

23 Jan

Today is your day! Whatever it is, just do it! Just do it! Just take a leap of faith and do it.

Step 2: Speak life over your desires, whatever your desires are…believe that they are great and just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I am successful!
  2. I am a millionaire!
  3. I am an overcomer!
  4. I will excel and be excellent!
  5. I am surrounded by favor!

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21 Jan

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I didn’t realize that ministry was the calling….

20 Jan

I am answering the call…I want to minister God’s love to all. Today’s opportunity to speak to over 30 women was a blessing, the sharpening of iron is so fundamental.

I didn’t realize that ministry was the calling for me at this moment, but I see that it is essential.

I sat in the sanctuary today literally in awe. For some time, I was feeling that ministry was my next assignment …I just didn’t think it would be now.  When I was asked to speak today, I took the charge to empower and develop those that were in my presence.

Today I gave seven steps to move towards success. 1 of those steps were to just do it! Just get in position to do it.  I told 30 plus women today that they just need to do it…just start whatever it is.

So  we are going to do the 7 steps together.  Take a few moments today to decide what it is that you want to just do and write them down and we are going to just do it.

Enjoy these next 7 days with me and walk with me on this journey of ministry.