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Enjoying closing out my year…..2012

31 Dec

I have made a lot of mistakes….but


I press forward toward the mark of the high calling….Christ Jesus!!!!!


Psalms Chapter 1: How can you be blessed?

31 Dec

Blessed is the MAN- that walketh NOT in the counsel of the UnGodly! Who are you seeking Help from…Guard your heart, ears and eyes! Nor stand in the way of the sinners- who are you surrounding yourself by? Nor sit in the seat of the scornful- Okay guys- God is clearly teaching you how to be blessed!Image

Today is December 31, 2012! Forgetting those things which are BEHIND, pressing forward!

31 Dec

What is on my To-Do-List today?

1. Clean up

2. Cook

3. Talk with God and read His word.

4. Define and Post 2013 SMART Goals

5. Read, write and create!Image


The 5 minute rule…

31 Dec

The 5 minute rule...

Only discuss your point of view for 5 minutes only- take even turns in intense moments of fellowship only!
Also…never ever go to bed angry.


Coming Soon June 2013…My dad’s first novel…DEEP!

30 Dec

Coming Soon June 2013...My dad's first novel...DEEP!

I felt like it was a graduate book reading it! Horror, Suspense, Thriller, Action..just deep!

Let’s make it work in 2013…do it, do it, do it!

30 Dec


My sister “Pay It Forward” this week…

30 Dec

I nearly cried hearing her story. She went to get some veggies for dinner and purchased her meal and the person behind her. They lady asked, “Why did you do it?” and she said, “Just because.” The lady hugged her…Give and it shall be given, good measure, pressed down and shaken together…running over will God give to you! I want everyone to “Pay It Forward” this week somehow and for No apparent reason, Bless someone and make their day!  Do it MINDY!