I didn’t realize I was dancing with the devil.

5 Dec

I didn’t realize I was dancing with the devil.

He took me on a spin and twirled me in the wind.

The lights were deemed and the atmosphere was ripe.

The ambiance was fierce and the words he whispered made all things disappear.

Then one day my eyes open and he appeared, it was him all alone…the devil in disguise attempting to cause my demise.

I never realized I was dancing with the devil until me, literally all of me was gone.

…when God gives you back what you lost.

1 Dec

God promised me a few things years ago that I have waited patiently to receive. The journey has been rocky to say the least and the pain greater than the journey.

…a year ago I was in a state of horror and flight. I didn’t know what to do and how to even do it. I was being control by forces that were godly.

One thing that was taken and now restored was my mind. I was functioning, but not living.

Today I live…🙏

I believe in love, it became my best friend.

27 Nov

It was who I shared my stories with.

It was who I depended on.

It was who I was able to rely on.

It was my beckoning call.

It lifted me when nothing was left.

It was love and it was my best friend.

…when memories are embedded into everything.

27 Nov

…where do purple lions go to dance in the rain.

…the interstate…because of the travel.

…the architecture of a house…that was the core game piece.

…a truck, a huge truck…love them but I choose not to look at them.

…when memories wake you in the morning and put you to sleep at night.


…I just had to put one foot ahead of the other.

27 Nov

It was the most heaviest journey that I had to take, making one foot move ahead of the other.

I had to position my body for strength and courage just to move.

…was it a sin committed or an opportunity to learn compassion for others.

26 Nov

Enough said…

Is it me…that question lingered for days.

26 Nov

Is it me…that wasnthe question I asked myself over and over again. I asked as many times as I was breathing.

I wanted to know if I could give myself an answer to my question.

When you give, help, aid, assist and love without effort and no expectation of the same in return it becomes taxing on the members of your emotional being to try to understand and reconcile to some form of strength.

I questioned everything…

My choices.

My life.

My heart.

My love.

My thoughts.

My giving.

My mind.

My ways.

Everything became suspect and I was in the middle of a movie scene with no answers to my questions.