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Wow…studying hoardering. Emotionally drained…

30 Mar

Wow, studying characteristics and causes.

Life Lesson…

30 Mar

I truly understand why God commands us not to judge.. I have seen it all this year…he commands us to pray for brothers. I love now with more compassion for others. Forgiving myself, self love…loving others.

I finally learned my lesson and moved to another playing field.

29 Mar

Deep reflection time….am I interested in breaking bread with you? No…. I can provide bread, set the table, ask blessing but then I must go. It is what it is.

It was painful but purposeful!

27 Mar

Do not take the negative negatively…take it positively. God is using the trouble for your good. Powerful Bishop Noel Jones! I trace back over my life and I see how the difficult moments worked for my good! WOW!

What if all you have is ten minutes to impress someone?

27 Mar

Coming Soon…

Oprah…wow! I love this saying!

27 Mar

A dream is nothing more than a big challenge that you put on yourself!


Perfect TIMING!

27 Mar

Vashti is the wife of King Ahasuerus, but although she was appointed- she was not annointed! WOW…She had to disobey her King so that the right Queen could be put into place! OMG! After Esther got into place- the HATERS showed up! But Esther was BOLD, Beautiful and sent by GOD! WHAT!


Thank you JESUS!


Don’t choke, this next miracle is not just for me but you too, it is not about me but about God!

22 Mar


My enemies are about to have indigestion….he is preparing a table before my enemies! Wow, Bishop Noel Jones…


The quote of the day!

22 Mar

The quote of the day!

The brain can not feel pain…

21 Mar

I have been pondering on this fact most of the week. This is just so deep for me.