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My favorite word is the same word that babies learn to say first, “NO!”

28 Apr

Learning how to find balance in your life is essential to meaningful growth and development. Take some much needed time for you and decide what you need to say NO to immediately and do it! Just say NO, should be your motto today. Do not over book, over schedule or over obligate yourself. Just say NO!


Perfect TIMING!

27 Mar

Vashti is the wife of King Ahasuerus, but although she was appointed- she was not annointed! WOW…She had to disobey her King so that the right Queen could be put into place! OMG! After Esther got into place- the HATERS showed up! But Esther was BOLD, Beautiful and sent by GOD! WHAT!


Thank you JESUS!


I am real in th…

19 Jan

I am real in this moment, alive in this thought and engaged in this time. ~Dr. G. Torbert