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My favorite word is the same word that babies learn to say first, “NO!”

28 Apr

Learning how to find balance in your life is essential to meaningful growth and development. Take some much needed time for you and decide what you need to say NO to immediately and do it! Just say NO, should be your motto today. Do not over book, over schedule or over obligate yourself. Just say NO!


Viva Voce Magazine Interview with Nephew Tommy from The Steve Harvey Morning Show..with publisher Gretchen Torbert

11 Apr

Written by Jessica Washington, interviewed by Gretchen Torbert and Nephew Tommy

Top Notch Tommy

Part One: Article Body

From the moment the conversation began, it felt like catching up with a beloved family member. I sensed the spirit of my Baptist preaching father, the intellect of my erudite grandfather, the advice of my older brother, wrapped in a hint of the comedic genius of an original the world embraces as, “Uncle Steve” (Steve Harvey). Though he shoulders the spirits of many we may relate to, he is blazing a new trail all on his own. The one and only, Thomas Miles, better known as Nephew Tommy.

Every morning he delivers gut bubbling laughter with tear jerking humor to millions, as Nephew Tommy on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. With the unforgiving Eugene and outrageous Oatmeal within arm’s length, Thomas Miles is on a mission to keeping the unadulterated, “Stupid” truth available to everyone under the sound of his voice. Yet, don’t fail to perceive this Texas A&M graduate as clueless. He has studied with the Royal Shakespeare Company of London, taken part in a wealth of plays and movies, and is currently completing the pilot of his first sitcom in which he premieres in the starring role.

Nephew Tommy’s star is rising in television, movies and radio. His prowess, however, is not limited to these arenas. He methodically and assuredly shows endearing love to his fan base of plus sized women, by working to develop a clothing line set to premiere early 2013. If you are unable to catch him on stage, or seeking a refill of his unending foolishness, you make pick up copies of his CD’s available in stores across the nation and at Nephew-Tommy.com

Spirituality, talent, commitment, respect and humility are combined to drive the vehicle to success Nephew Tommy currently rides. He has obviously taken seriously the chapters from his uncle’s life as the keys. After our discussion, I definitely feel we are in store a continued legacy to reach unimaginable heights. Even greater, he is sharing in his success by reasonably uplifting those around him who are actively seeking to do the same. Kudos to you, “Top Notch Tommy”.

Part Two: Article Questions

Where does Nephew Tommy’s career stand today?

“I am working everyday to reach the goals I have set. I want to expand more into movies and television. I also want to increase my brand across clothes and C.D. sales. This journey for me is a work in progress.”

Obviously, natural talent plays into the growth of your career. I even remember having to prove a co-worker you and Eugene are one in the same. This was an on-going argument, until I found a video of you in character. Can you give us some insight on your characters and this insatiable talent?

          (After pouring forward a snippet from a Shakespearean sonnet, on cue, Tommy details)

          “I majored in theater at Texas A&M University. I was one of the very few African-Americans to take on this major. Later, I took part in studying with the Royal Shakespearean Group of London. I have also been fortunate to perform in a few plays by Tennessee Williams. I credit my talent to God and am inspired by the life He’s surrounded me with.”

On a more personal note, would you like to share more light on your family life and what that means?

          “I have a great supporting team to keep me focused. The Steve Harvey Morning Show family continues to be a blessing on this journey. I am blessed with children who I desire to be a positive role model and hands-on figure. Yet, my family life is personal. I choose to keep it out of the light of my career and respect my loved ones decision to share in this light if they so choose.”

What final advice would you offer young entrepreneurs trying to get a foot in their chosen doors?

“Be ready to work hard and don’t give into laziness. The secret is simply to, ‘Keep at it!”ImageNep

No matter what, this is the day that the Lord has made…let us all rejoice and be glad in it!

7 Apr

Today, I am using my mental capacity to be thankful to God for everything that he has done for me. I am so thankful for Him allowing me to see this day, keeping me in my right mind and protecting me from dangers seen and unseen. I serve a God that no adjective can completely describe accurately. All that I am and that I will ever be is because of Him. He is a peacemaker, soul winner, burden barrier and my King. He guides my foot steps and he leads me into the paths of righteousness for His name sake. I am so thankful, the fire that I feel in my heart is from the Holy Spirit! Today, I have purpose in my heart to give- and it shall be given…Good measures, press down and shaken together…God is about to give back to me.

Pamper yourself 8 ways!!!!!

6 Apr

Did you know that the most important person is the world is yourself?

Without you it is impossible to enjoy others. With all the hustle and bustle of life, finding the time to take care of you may seem tedious and time consuming. We are all busy, but never to busy to find time to pamper. Craving out some time each day will ultimately refresh your mind and rejuvenate your spirit, making you more beautiful than ever. Know that you are wonderfully and fearfully made, in order to stay that way you must pamper yourself.  Here are 8 sure techniques to pamper you:

1. Meditate
Chaos oftentimes causes confusion. Find time away from everything in life and concentrate. Find a quiet place, turn off all the lights, lie down and close your eyes, then  think on peaceful setting. This will allow your mind to unwind and refocus.

2. Take a bath
One of most solitude places is in the bathroom. Pick at least one day out of the week to run yourself a hot bubble bath. Soak for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Make sure you have your favorite bubble bath, lavender is a recoomended scent to purchase. It’s scent is known to aide in relaxation.

3. Get a Massage
Is your body tight and is need of a tender touch? Get a massage.You can get any type of massage, from a swedish massage which is the most common type of massage therapy in the United States.

4. Run/Walk
Burn those extra calories! Looking good is important in pampering yourself but also feeling good. Walk or run at least 30 minutes to an hour every other day. This will help trim off those ectra punds and inches and ultimately provide you wih a healthier life style.

5. Rent your favorite flick or read  a good book/magazine
Dedicate one evening each week to pajamas and popcorn.  Rent your favorite movie and relax or purchase a good novel of your choice. Kick back on the couch and read. Reading allows your mind to a time to rebuild itself.

6. Buy yourself a present
You don’t have to spend a fortune on yourself; a little token will you feel special. For example, buy yourself some flowers to put on your desk at work or a new fragance to wear.

7. Just breathe
Concentrated breathing helps calm your nerves and lets you step back from a strenuous situation that may lead to stress. To start your breathing excerise, close your eyes for a few minutes, keep your back straight and take a deep, audible sigh, then silently inhale. Do this until you feel calm.

8. Forgive, Love and Pray!

Enough said… 8 means New Beginnings!

25 Jan

Love this!

Love this!

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