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God’s best gift to you….

17 Apr

Your best gift in LIFE could possibly be your haters. They could be the fuel to making your life grand! Enjoy the table that God is preparing before you in the presence of them. Learn how to eat well in the garden of pressure, it all has purpose!

Pain develops purpose and the beauty of your wings!

10 Apr

In my hand I hold a butterfly with beautiful wings.


When I think of this individual, I think about a butterfly. I think about the stages of a butterfly. The initial stage –The egg


Very few eggs reach their complete developmental stage.

You are a selected individual, he started that in your mother’s womb he knew you, he sanctified you form birth; He stated that you are wonderfully and fearfully made. Out of the eggs hatch the caterpillars. The job of the caterpillar is to eat, eat, and eat. You have consumed your education. You have experience this stage this stage. You have consumed things positively and negatively. You have been feed with the bread of life, God’ word. When the caterpillar is fully grown and slows it’s eating. It hatches it self to a place of rest. A time of peace and restoration. It goes into hibernation. On the outside, it looks like nothing is going on. It is not completely form-Things are attacking it. Life, disappointment, enemies, heartaches, pain, But inside the internal system is reorganizing and transforming itself. It is leaving those things which are behind him behind, it is becoming more than a conquer, believing that no weapon that is form against you shall prosper; no evil word shall overtake you! No evil word will defile you!

As the butterfly these things it are stretching you out. Strengthening your wings, enduring the pain, you have become such a beautiful, beautiful butterfly. Flying over things. Knowing that promotion comes from the Lord, but do you know what makes you so beautiful, the colors of your wings, it is the pain of development. The hurting of its wings as you is stretching yourself. Fly girl, fly girl, fly on, fly on—-over all things -it is yours and you are beautiful.


Butterflies develop their wings through pain!


No matter what, this is the day that the Lord has made…let us all rejoice and be glad in it!

7 Apr

Today, I am using my mental capacity to be thankful to God for everything that he has done for me. I am so thankful for Him allowing me to see this day, keeping me in my right mind and protecting me from dangers seen and unseen. I serve a God that no adjective can completely describe accurately. All that I am and that I will ever be is because of Him. He is a peacemaker, soul winner, burden barrier and my King. He guides my foot steps and he leads me into the paths of righteousness for His name sake. I am so thankful, the fire that I feel in my heart is from the Holy Spirit! Today, I have purpose in my heart to give- and it shall be given…Good measures, press down and shaken together…God is about to give back to me.

I saw The Blue Man Group and my oh my…The arts and the creativity!

16 Jan

They discuss how the human eye works…OMG. We see things upside down but our brains flip the image and allows us to see it the right way. POWERFUL! Imagine if your mind tells your brain to see destiny and purpose!

The eye is an intricate part of our body. In comparison to a car, the engine being the heart, the gas tank being the stomach, the eye would be all the windows and gauges. Imagine having all the windows fogged and not being able to see. Imagine the gauges do not work and you do not know how fast you are going or how much gas is left in tank. You would have to drive with feeling only. Without the eye you would be in the same sinking boat. The eye allows you to not only view objects, but to view depth, color, size, and every little detail. The eye is a complicated machine in itself with many parts. The eye works by refracting light rays to the retina. The light rays are adjusted through muscles and certain parts to create the right amount of light refracted to the retina. When light arrives at the retina it is converted to both chemical and electrical energy before being sent through optic nerves to the brain. In the retina, millions of rods containing rhodopsin that are responsible for night vision and convert the light into electrical impulses sent to the brain. The retina also contains millions of cones that contain iodopsin that are used for bright light vision, visual perception, and color perception. Light is transformed here also and sent to the brain through optic nerves. The brain translates what it receives through optic nerves so that we understand what we see.