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God’s best gift to you….

17 Apr

Your best gift in LIFE could possibly be your haters. They could be the fuel to making your life grand! Enjoy the table that God is preparing before you in the presence of them. Learn how to eat well in the garden of pressure, it all has purpose!

Be glad to have Enemies!! They have purpose for your life!

18 Mar

Be glad that you have enemies, that means that God is preparing tables before you. Your enemies will cause you to eat well. He will also make your enemies your footstool…enjoy having enemies-they help you go higher! Love your enemies, be good to them, and thank them!


I like how God …

13 Jan

I like how God uses Mathematics in my life to make me better…he adds some enemies, subtract their hurt from my heart, multiply my discernment to be wise to their tomfoolery and divide their lost for me to enjoy their spoils. ~Dr. G. Torbert