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Don’t tell me t…

31 Jan

Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. Anton Chekhov

WOW, I love this quote!

Classroom Management…

31 Jan

In the powerful words of OMGoodness…the class day should not consist of classroom management, really. I get so despondent when I see teachers that do not have rituals and routines in place to ensure that classroom management is essential and vital to the student’s academic achievement. This is not taught effectively in college but expected immediately the first day of class.


The best me is …

30 Jan

The best me is still evolving but until then I am the best me at this moment. ~Dr.G. Torbert~

A letter to my body…

28 Jan

I owe my body an apology. I have been mean to my body for years, judging marks, scars, fat, and whatever…I will no longer do this, I am changing my mindset and thoughts. I love me! Dear body, I love you and I am so very sorry for not appreicating you and valuing you. I am a child of God, fearfully and wonderfully made.


Sometimes I see…

27 Jan

Sometimes I see visions of people, shadows and even dark figures. I have rested in the knowledge of knowing that God has given me this gift and I pray for discernment. I know that we entertain angels all the time and we even encounter strongholds (demons). I use it as a precautionary method to guard myself from foolishness and to engage into the glorifying of God if needed. I also feel that when I read God’s word it is jumping off of pages at me. I know that God has not given me the spirit of fear so I am constant trust mode for His revelation and guidance. Funny, I have see myself in Europe and Canada doing business, speaking and praying. Walking in divine authoriy is the key.

God’s eyes…


Today guarding …

27 Jan

Today guarding my heart has become a priority of mine, but I still will love you as God has commanded me to do! ~Dr. G. Torbert, Ph.D. (ABD)~

Broken for a purpose…

Fruit out of season will make you sick…. Love it Kirk Franklin. Listen to God’s voice….

26 Jan

Powerful…there is a season for your growth.


There will alwa…

25 Jan

There will always be enemies in the promised land. I have seen foolishness at it’s best many of days! Know that when YOU are destine for greatness, those that are not for you are always present.

Thank you for the TOMFOOLERY, I am now more focus than ever! On my bucket list, I plan to visit Europe and Dubai, maybe to even teach their one day. Reseaching their highlights now…


Viva Voce Magazine (VVM) is searching for 8 extraordinary women to feature in it’s special edition.

25 Jan

Special Edition 2013 VVMEmail bio Min. 500 words, 3 high-res /300 dpi pictures and why you should be selected as an extraordinary entrepreneur for 2013:
Deadine: February 5, 2013

25 Jan

Love this!