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Find time for you!

4 Jul

Meditation is important and vital for efficient and productive progress. Taking time to mediate to listen and to pray to talk will lead to optimum success and unorthodox expeditions in your life. I take a significant amount of time each day to mediate, speak affirmations and to pray.


Waking up every morning the last two weeks at 3 or 4….I am running to you God!

27 May

God I am so in love with you. I want to be so close to you that when you sneeze I catch a cold.

Very sad day in Boston…

15 Apr

Lifting many people in prayer…Lord we need you!

When God saids NO or nothing at all or wait!

10 Apr

Just thinking, sometimes the best prayers that were answered in my life were when God said, NO, Nothing at all or WAIT!

Think on that one….this time last year..I was praying HARD for God to do something in my life that if he had granted that prayer right now…I would be in a mess. Thank you God for being my Abba and knowing the best for me at all times…AMEN!

Why is physical touch dangerous and important?

7 Apr

We are spiritual beings and spirits travel, every morning I take time to annoint my hands with olive oil and pray. I am a touchy, feely person so I know that where ever I go and do, I live a part of me with that person or in that place. The parts of me that I leave is from God, so I first pray for myself and then I pray for the places that I will go and people that I will see so that I leave a part of me that is from God and God is love. Today, touch a broken soul, feel someone’s pain, calm someone’s fears…love someone through it all.


Sometimes I see…

27 Jan

Sometimes I see visions of people, shadows and even dark figures. I have rested in the knowledge of knowing that God has given me this gift and I pray for discernment. I know that we entertain angels all the time and we even encounter strongholds (demons). I use it as a precautionary method to guard myself from foolishness and to engage into the glorifying of God if needed. I also feel that when I read God’s word it is jumping off of pages at me. I know that God has not given me the spirit of fear so I am constant trust mode for His revelation and guidance. Funny, I have see myself in Europe and Canada doing business, speaking and praying. Walking in divine authoriy is the key.

God’s eyes…


The best advice…

19 Jan

The best advice I gave started with a SMILE, merge with a laugh and ended with prayer. ~Dr. G. Torbert