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This very moment has great value.

3 May

When serving a God that never sleeps or slumber, life becomes valuable andĀ fill with much peace. Learn how to enjoy this very moment without any regrets, doubts, fears or anger. This very moment has such great value in your life!

Why is physical touch dangerous and important?

7 Apr

We are spiritual beings and spirits travel, every morning I take time to annoint my hands with olive oil and pray. I am a touchy, feely person so I know that where ever I go and do, I live a part of me with that person or in that place. The parts of me that I leave is from God, so I first pray for myself and then I pray for the places that I will go and people that I will see so that I leave a part of me that is from God and God is love. Today, touch a broken soul, feel someone’s pain, calm someone’s fears…love someone through it all.