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Every great leader needs to be an excellent follower.

28 May

In training as a servant leader, God has me on a mission towards excellence. Servant leader is not proud, boastful, arrogant, rude, judgmental or malice.  I hear you Lord all of this has a significant purpose in my life for where you are taking me. My vision is in sync with God’s shades.


Deep Tyler…the madness of my youth became my gift.

27 May

It is a blessing and a curse…deep! WOW… Visionaries, inside the creative mind. Oprah I have enjoyed these last 2 hours.

My mistakes were fondational and purposeful…

27 May

Thank you God for working everything for my GOOD, for Your glory!

Confession #5

27 May

I am constantly reading a BOOK. Constantly feeding my brain. History, education, sex, money, success, ministry, love, fiction, health….I have to read it!

Waking up every morning the last two weeks at 3 or 4….I am running to you God!

27 May

God I am so in love with you. I want to be so close to you that when you sneeze I catch a cold.

To the younger me….

27 May

Smile more, God gave your mouth an anointing…speak and smile!

My sister’s dream…powerful on forgiveness….

27 May

She dreamt that she was back in the 1600’s and a president told her to open the book. She did and in the book it read, “You must forgive!”

My interpretation:

Let go of the hurt of the past.

Listen to God

Forgive others and yourself

And live!

The Gretchen Torbert Show

27 May


New Book

27 May
Chapter 1 No one knew Destiny’s secrets. No one could have imagined the life that she lived behind the visible life that others would see day to day. No running water was the least of her worries. She sat outside most of her days and at night she dreamt of freedom but only her mind was free because the rodents of life and death hunt her immensely. She was strong by nature, but she was weak and desperate for a fresh start.
A fresh start that included a cool glass of ice water, a clean outfit, toothpaste and soap that had residue of use or the sound of familiar voices sharing the same room in the comfort of normal.  Destiny had a lion’s heart, her name symbolizes royalty. She was destine for greatness but the natural eye wanted to lie to her and others, polluting her story.

Confession #4

27 May

I absolutely love being an introvert although people believe that I am an extrovert. I love my quiet hermit time.  I am necessary shy but my reality and creativity is in my solitude. I have a small garden of friends…I do not use that word easily!