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A dream…

11 Mar

A dream is nothing more than a big challenge that you put on yourself!


I saw The Blue Man Group and my oh my…The arts and the creativity!

16 Jan

They discuss how the human eye works…OMG. We see things upside down but our brains flip the image and allows us to see it the right way. POWERFUL! Imagine if your mind tells your brain to see destiny and purpose!

The eye is an intricate part of our body. In comparison to a car, the engine being the heart, the gas tank being the stomach, the eye would be all the windows and gauges. Imagine having all the windows fogged and not being able to see. Imagine the gauges do not work and you do not know how fast you are going or how much gas is left in tank. You would have to drive with feeling only. Without the eye you would be in the same sinking boat. The eye allows you to not only view objects, but to view depth, color, size, and every little detail. The eye is a complicated machine in itself with many parts. The eye works by refracting light rays to the retina. The light rays are adjusted through muscles and certain parts to create the right amount of light refracted to the retina. When light arrives at the retina it is converted to both chemical and electrical energy before being sent through optic nerves to the brain. In the retina, millions of rods containing rhodopsin that are responsible for night vision and convert the light into electrical impulses sent to the brain. The retina also contains millions of cones that contain iodopsin that are used for bright light vision, visual perception, and color perception. Light is transformed here also and sent to the brain through optic nerves. The brain translates what it receives through optic nerves so that we understand what we see.


My destiny is b…

13 Jan

My destiny is before me in bold print, my faith sees it clearly. ! Dr. G. Torbert