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I keep hearing 2-14-2014…Something is happening, I feel it!

29 Jun

The Holy Spirit impress on my heart to prepare myself…my mind, spirit, soul, body…He keeps reminding me of Esther in the Bible. Everything is becoming organic, natural, healthy and spiritual.

Reading about Vashti is the wife of King Ahasuerus…

2 Apr

It was totally out of her character to cut up and not obey her husband. God has a way to cause the witty, wise and beautiful to mess up, so that your message of moving into their position cause a mix-up, what a ministry for Esther!

Perfect TIMING!

27 Mar

Vashti is the wife of King Ahasuerus, but although she was appointed- she was not annointed! WOW…She had to disobey her King so that the right Queen could be put into place! OMG! After Esther got into place- the HATERS showed up! But Esther was BOLD, Beautiful and sent by GOD! WHAT!


Thank you JESUS!