Why do I use three wash cloths? Sharing some of my secrets with you!

28 Dec

I have been studying Esther in the Bible and I think we were kindred spirits. I am determine to get my body in line- complete grounding all the way around. I use three clean wash cloths a day- I know that means a ton of laundry a week. 😦

I use one wash cloth on my face, one on my body and one for my vagina and anal area. Keep in mind my anal area is the last area that I wash. I know that I have OCD but…it is what it is.  I have some other cleaning and detoxifying patterns that I do to keep myself clean, in line and in tune with myself…Okay I will share one more today. I also brush my teeth with hydro peroxide, baking soda and toothpaste… I just love when people say you have a beautiful smile. I am like…THANK YOU, wink, wink! 🙂 Okay, one more…I vacuum at least 2 times a day…I know, I know…but look I have kids, and I love the patterns in the carpet! Okay enough for now!


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