Love like Jesus, forgive like Jesus!

1 Jan


Forgiveness is not about the other person, it is about you! I am still embracing the power to forgive myself as well as others. It serves no purpose to continue to hold onto to anything that continues to bring you down, disappoint you and/or hurt you. Letting go and moving on is the best medicine for your soul. I have at times harbored in unforgiveness in my heart and my soul was in grief for a while. It impacted my internal thoughts and external progress. It hindered my life and interrupted my further development to be powerful and prosperous in my daily functions. If you are struggling in this area…first say to yourself I realize that this is not a strong characteristic for myself and begin to write down what you need to do to move forward in your life by forgiving yourself and forgiving others. 2013 is the year for Divine Order, what God has for you is for you! God does not lie- if He spoke it you best believe it is coming to past soon. Forgive today and watch God do some unorthodox things on your behalf! 

Note: The best offer of forgiveness to yourself or others to bless, uplift and pray for those that have offend, use, abuse or mistreated you! The bible states that you HEAP coals of FIRE on their HEADS! Do it with a genuine heart and let God do the rest!


Remember it was Jesus’ own people that put him on the cross! Love like Jesus did!


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