The diary of a frustrated teacher…

8 Jan

The diary of a frustrated teacher…

It starts every summer…Teacher Anxiety Disease….

Yes, TAD it is teacher disease that has exists for years. It is the sadness of ending a much needed break and the almost happy feelings of starting a new school year with of course new students.

Then it is mixed with emotions of the never ending paperwork, long hours of being able to use the bathroom, the many hats a teacher wear and of course the students that come ill-prepared and the parents that make everything your fault. Really???


Yes…it is crazy but true! And guess what you are yet still accountability for all, I mean all 34, 32, 28 or 26 children’s success. IJS.

But…whose fault is it really? It dates all the way back to the 1800’s..there is a breakdown in the system. And although we are racing to the TOP, we are still leaving kids behind and teachers on the side of the road. 😦




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