I love watching the History Channel, the Wealth Channel, OWN and CNBC…OMG!

2 Apr

Although I watch very limited tv, I am still very addicted to these channels. My next favorite pasttime is the LIBRARY, OMG and the book store, and oh..the coffee shop. I do not drink coffee, but I love the smell. Having some notasgolia moments now because I do not smoke but in college I use to love to break between classess to smell the second hand smoke. Okay, enough for now. I am actually about to start doing some research and studying. My true hidden color that shines behind BLUE and a little ORANGE, is GREEN. I am a knowledge freak…take me to the unknown and I will create a trail, develop a plan and leave my comments. I keep having these dreams of sitting with Oprah and Tyler Perry…Interesting. I know they both share two of my favorite passions. Writing and Speaking, with a little acting…searching my mind for meaning.


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