My personal OCD issues…

10 Apr

Here is a part of me: I have a problem with the smell of food lingering on my hands or in my mouth and the older I get the worse it gets. I do not wash my hands a lot, which is something that my dad does a lot of, but…I admit I wash them more than usual. I cannot eat with my hands and not wash my hands before or after my eating. For instance, if I eat chips, nachos, fries or whatever I have to wash my hands afterwards. The smell of food on my hands drives me crazy…I also do not like the smell of food on my mouth or lingering residue of food on my teeth. Which means, I brush my teeth a lot too. I also take a lot of baths. I love to bathe. I generally will bathe before I work out or clean and afterwards. Crazy right, oh well it is just me. Finally, I have a bad bad habit of making sure my car is clean, vacuuming the house and making my bed almost daily. In addition, I love a clean kitchen and bathroom and to top it off…air freshener is so strong in my house and on me…the fragrance can be smelled from outside the house. It is just me…just how I think and who I am.


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