Sneek Peek…yummy! I dream about this nightly..the plot, the characters, the finish product…

10 Apr

Chapter 1


            “Praise the Lord everybody! Praise the Lord!” Bishop David Graham preached loudly to his parishioners at The Garden Christian Center, a church that he started over five years ago out of his basement. The church started with seven people and now he had over two thousand members.

            “Praise the Lord, for he is good, he is merciful and he is our King!”

            The church was on fire; people were dancing and praising the Lord. Bishop Graham was ecstatic to see so many members rejoicing over what God was about to do in their lives. His message was titled; Deliverance is now, right now. Bishop Graham’s wife, the reverend Dr. Carol Graham was praying with the intercessors for those that came to the altar for prayer.

            “Church now is the time to give God all of the glory and the honor. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!”

            The choir began singing, now unto him that is able and the parishioners continued in prayer and praise as the offering was being taken up.

            Escorted by his armor-bearers, Bishop Graham left the sanctuary before service was over. Oftentimes, when he was full and still in the presence of God he would leave early to take some time to reflect and pray alone. He walked out with tears in his eyes and as the service came to a close, one of his ministers, Elder Cathy Sims gave the announcements.

            “Church since we are still enjoying the presence of the Most High King, feel free to exit quietly and read your bulletin for updated announcements, however, I need to meet with all ministers in training in the back conference room for a brief planning meeting. Thank you!”

            Bishop Graham’s eldest daughter was following in his footsteps to become a minister of The Gospel.

            Bridget had a few chats with some friends, greeted some of the new guest and then followed behind the ministers in training to the back conference room.

            “Service was awesome, Ms. Graham, I think that every time your father preaches he seems to be in my business from the week before.” Mr. Hamilton spoke to Bridget trying to engage into small talk.

            “Dad spends a lot of time praying and studying God’s word. He loves his church members.” Bridget responded with a smile.

            Bridget was gorgeous. Her body was tone; she worked out at the gym five days week and ran for five miles every other day. She worked in the church office but se had held an MBA from Miller’s University.  There wasn’t a week that went by that someone wouldn’t show her interest, ask her out for lunch or simply comment on the fact that she wasn’t married with any kids.

            Once everyone was in the conference room, Elder Cathy Sims immediately began the prayer before she proceeded on with the agenda. She was one of the first members of the church and she was very matter of fact, yet she often spurred off some religious jargon that made people feel more condemn than blessed. She would often speak negatively of those that didn’t come to every service, meetings or events that the church was having. Bishop Graham was aware of her demeanor but he appreciated the respect and expertise of organization that she brought to the church.

            The meeting lasted for another ten minutes of her going over the upcoming women’s conference that would be held in two weeks. As they adjourn the meeting, Bro. Thomas Hamilton and Bro. Victor William stayed in their seats.

Victor was new to the church. He was a minister at his previous church, next in line to become the assistant pastor. Bishop Graham loved his charismatic personality and the anointing that he brought to the ministers in training. His smile was warm and loving and many members followed him to the church when he joined simply because of his Godly demeanor.

“What are you doing this evening?” Thomas inquired of Victor.

“I have a paper that I need to finish and submit to my professor by midnight. I am just about done.”

“Well, if you want something to eat. Bishop Graham is grilling this afternoon. He invited all of the leadership to come over to for dinner.”

“Man, I didn’t know about that.”      

“He announced it at the meeting on Thursday night but you weren’t there.”

“Yeah, man. That is the night that I have class. I guess I miss a lot of important meetings this semester.”

“Don’t worry about it, anything that you are suppose to know someone will keep you informed. “

Bridget stood at the door talking to Sis. Janice Lawal. That was one of her best friends, actually they went to high school and college together.

“Hey man, I have been checking her out.”

“Who, Janice? She is cute and all but hands-off bro. she is married.”

“No, Bridget. She is hot, you know.” Victor slightly blushed, trying to not make it very obvious.

“Yeah, but-“

“But what? Just because she is Bishop’s daughter doesn’t mean that she isn’t human and have human desires.”

“Yeah, but she is a strong black sister. She is focus and to be honest. I have only seen or heard of her dating one cat since I have been with the church. She is completely career oriented and of course she is focus on her ministerial work.”

“She is still fine and not to mention charming.”

“Well, hey, get your work done and come over to Bishop’s house, maybe you can get to know her a little better then.”

“I think that I will do that. See you later, man.” He shook Thomas hand and gatheImagered his bible and coat and walked to his car.



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