My shopping bag has 20 items, still adding more…I will cross out what I take out and use as I go…

11 Apr

Items that I plan to put in my “SHOPPING BAG!”  Idea created by ME!


  1. Learn how to play the electric guitar
  2. Learn how to speak Spanish fluently
  3. Travel to neighboring countries
  4. Develop a six pack of abs
  5. Speak in every state
  6. Write 100 books
  7. Take singing lessons and release an album
  8. Learn sign language
  9. Sell my art work in a museum
  10. Publish internationally and make the New York Times best seller list
  11. Grow my hair past my mid-back
  12. Own a national chain clothing store
  13. Attend art and design school
  14. Publish 100 authors books
  15. See my magazine in all local stores and airports
  16. Wake up once I am done sleeping…
  17. Release a show on OWN
  18. Produce, write and direct over 20 movies
  19. Model in for a national clothing line
  20.  Retire on an island… 🙂

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