Day (465) – Be A Little Bit Different

21 Jun

Love this!

The Better Man Project

“If you don’t ask yourself on occasion ‘What the hell am I actually doing?’ I’m not certain your actually living.” – Megan Dills

I found the quote above on Twitter tonight and it got me thinking. I was going to write an interesting post titled “When Your Life Hindenburg’s” this evening, but in light of what has gone in in the past few hours, I have changed my mind.

I watched the Heat win the NBA championship tonight. Im not a huge basketball fan but I do appreciate inspiring moments. And as always, my favorite part of the game is actually after it is over – listening to players talk. Who cares if many of them are not that eloquent. I feel like people use that as an excuse to put them down and almost dim the glow of their achievements. Anyways…I listened, and listened hard to what James said…

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