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The mind is so powerful!

21 May

I got a colonic a few weeks ago and I lasted for only about 25  minutes, my mind was engulf in fear- why? So afterwards I felt so good and so sharp mentally. I have committed to having control of my mind. I plan to go for another one next week. I will complete my 45 minutes.

One day he used a spoon and the next day he could not….

11 Apr

I had a wonderful conversation with an elderly man that appeared to be in his right mind and then weeks later he completely loses his mind. WOW! I am thankful to God to be in my right mind at this very moment and I pray that God will watch over my old friend and meet him at his point of need. Only you God knows what is best and you will provide.


You touch my he…

19 Jan

You touch my heart whenever you touch my mind. ~Dr. G. Torbert


My wealth start…

19 Jan

My wealth started with my mind and ended with the continued thoughts of increase. ~Dr. G. Torbert


I told God that…

19 Jan

I told God that I was in need, he healed my mind and now my cup runs over. ~Dr. G. Torbert


I am a milliona…

9 Jan

I am a millionaire not by paper but by MIND…soon to be my daily reality!