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Many new shows this summer!

23 May

Many new shows this summer!

Real people, real topics!


Is it the signs of time infused with Global Warming???

21 May

Please join me tonight at 11 p.m. on your knees in the presence of God to pray! Lord have mercy on us…hear our cry…keep your people…help us Lord!


As we approach the hurricane season, lets pray….

Does the finish line mean an end to something or a beginning to something??

16 Apr

My heart is still broken as I read the headlines on all that is happening in the world today. I have so many questions and so many answers as well. The question that I continue to ponder is…is the finish line the meaning to an end to something or a beginning to something?

Day 1…I am different and it is okay! I mean I am okay with that.

18 Feb

For the majority of my life I have felt absolutely different from most people I encountered. I always felt special and unique, but all the more destine for absolutely greatness. I have wondered why I do not fit in most of time with people for long periods of time and why I do not linger long in situations that were not beneficial for me to involve myself in. It is because I was different, I was special and I was unique and most of time it was best for me to not involve myself into situations where people did not share a common goal for a thrust for life and aspirations for success. I was just simply a different person, living a life of greatness and having a vision beyond my right NOW!