I spend a large amount of my day thinking, especially in the morning.

2 Apr

The mind is a powerful tool. I oftentimes find myself in deep thought consistently through the day. I am either plotting the execution of my dreams, defending my dissertation finally and/or in another country eating something delicious and learning a new language. I am so not here …here most of the time. Do not get me wrong, I am loving the NOW of my life but I am zone into another world, existing in a world of my own where the anointing of God rest on me heavily. I especially feel his presence in the morning, it is sweet and yet like a burning fire in my bones. POWERFUL! I was reading a blog from wandering yet not lost, awesome! There is something so great happening, I sense it …funny at work I am referred to as a puppet…I laugh because I am actually God’s puppet…and the best seller is opening soon!


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