I was approached at work. A lady came to me and said…Everyone hates YOU!

2 Apr

She walked in my office and said, everyone here hates you.She said, “People talk about you all the time, your clothes, your voice, your kindness..blah, blah, blah!”

I laughed and thought and said, “well”…She said, “They hate the fact that you are always happy and nice to people.” I laughed and I said,” well” again….Silence lingered for a while and then I spoke with a sincere heart and mind.

“A light on the top of hill is hard to hide. I have to love some at a distance and some up close, it is not I but Christ that lives in me.” She said, “How does that make you feel? I said,” feelings are not an option in this profession. Nevertheless, not my will (feelings) but God’s well be done. My Jesus was kissed by Judas and then I wink!”

I am meek, not weak!

I prefer you to hate my shine and know that I love you, than for you to say, I like you and befriend me and dim my lights to adjust to your daylight…


One Response to “I was approached at work. A lady came to me and said…Everyone hates YOU!”

  1. Opinionated Man April 3, 2013 at 7:18 am #

    Great words! 🙂

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