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I was approached at work. A lady came to me and said…Everyone hates YOU!

2 Apr

She walked in my office and said, everyone here hates you.She said, “People talk about you all the time, your clothes, your voice, your kindness..blah, blah, blah!”

I laughed and thought and said, “well”…She said, “They hate the fact that you are always happy and nice to people.” I laughed and I said,” well” again….Silence lingered for a while and then I spoke with a sincere heart and mind.

“A light on the top of hill is hard to hide. I have to love some at a distance and some up close, it is not I but Christ that lives in me.” She said, “How does that make you feel? I said,” feelings are not an option in this profession. Nevertheless, not my will (feelings) but God’s well be done. My Jesus was kissed by Judas and then I wink!”

I am meek, not weak!

I prefer you to hate my shine and know that I love you, than for you to say, I like you and befriend me and dim my lights to adjust to your daylight…


Fighting the fe…

23 Jan

Fighting the feelings of frustration consists of accepting the feelings of constant progression. ~Dr. G. Torbert