Are you a VIVA DIVA?

6 Apr

Are you a VIVA DIVA?

1.Do you visit beauty salons regularly?

Yes  No

2.Do you always wear trendy and stylish clothes that suit your personality?

Yes  No

3.Do you wear a nice smelling perfume always?

Yes  No

4.Do you take very good care of your skin?

Yes  No

5.Are your nails always manicured?
Yes   No

6.Do you exercise to keep your body in shape?

Yes    No
7.Do you have any special talents like dancing, singing, etc?

Yes      No
8.Do you have impeccable manners and etiquette?

Yes     No
9.Are you confident with what you are?

Yes   No

Mostly YES!
Well, you are a sure shot style diva and there is no denying the fact. But try giving a chance to others as well. You will surely like it, if you drop a sweet compliment or maybe lend a nice piece to a friend and make her happy.
Mostly NO!
Even though you are around, people do not tend to look at you. You need to make your presence felt. Pepping up your outward appearance always helps and is an added advantage. Don’t be shy to experiment. Change is always welcomed.


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