Revealing Radiant Skin

6 Apr


Revealing Radiant Skin

By Gretchen Torbert



No one should ever have a bad skin day! In order to have a good skin day, one must know that a skin cleanser is the first component to revealing radiant skin. The type of skin cleanser that you use is directly related to the type of skin that you have. Knowing your skin type can help decrease breakouts and determine what type of products you should use on your face to ultimately reveal radiant skin.


Often times we hear the cliché that “beauty is skin deep,” but how deep is your skin? Your skin is affected internally and externally by the types of foods you eat, the liquids you drink, the atmosphere around you and your stress-level. Your daily facial regimen may affect your skin as well. In order to ensure your daily regiment is appropriate for your skin, you must first know your skin type


There are three different types of skin: oily, normal and dry. Sometimes these three types may be combined. Your skin type is characterized by texture, frequency of outbreaks such as blackheads, spots or pimples and the amount of oil that it produces.


Before you make a decision on what type of skin you have, consider these questions:


  • What do your pores look like? Are they visibly open or small?
  • How often do you break out in pimples, blackheads or other spots?
  • Does your skin appear oily or dry; consider your nose, forehead and chin?


Characteristics of each skin type are found below:

Dry Skin

  • Suffer no breakouts
  • Rarely have blackheads
  • Prone to NO skin problems

Normal Skin

  • Suffer occasional breakouts
  • Blackheads appear mostly in the T-zone
  • Prone to a few skin problems on the nose, chin and forehead


Oily Skin

  • Suffer frequent breakouts
  • Pores are often enlarged
  • Prone to a lot of skin problems, especially on the nose, chin and forehead


After you determine your skin type, you can find products developed especially for you. There are a number of products on the market for aiding each individual skin type, as well as combination skin. Once you find a regimen of products that work for you, you can begin treating your skin properly. Dermatologist Darren L Casey, MD, stated all skin types and color need to use a SPF (Sun Protection Factor sunscreen, this helps prevent your skin from damage. Also stated by Dr. Casey is that in order to reveal your radiant skin you must do four things: 1) know your skin type, 2) implement a skin regimen every morning and evening, 3) clean, tone and moisturize daily. Use an oil moisturizer for dry skin and a gentle exfoliate and for oily skin use a gel type spray moisturizer with no water base and a strong exfoliate. 4) exfoliate or mask once a week to enhance a healthier skin balance. Try these four steps and your radiant skin will have everyone raving.



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