I have such a great idea in mind…

28 Nov

Steps to pursuing your goal:

Here is the first step:

1. Write out goals in detail

The act of simply writing down goals sets the process in motion and provokes emotion, which is an essential key to activating a new belief system—so be very specific. Instead of writing, “A new home,” write, “I am enjoying a  5,000-sq ft home on three acres of lakefront property with vaulted ceilings, five bedrooms, three baths and a private boat dock.” The more detailed information you include the more you can associate yourself into the probability of that outcome. By being emotionally detailed you will activate your subconscious brain to work for you in the most efficient way possible. After all, your brain is the most powerful resource available to you in the universe.

I am spending today writing down my goals in detail.





Today is a new day for me and a fresh start.

28 Nov

Today I have started a new challenge for myself and that is to take care of myself first. I am generally the type of individual that take care of everyone else and myself becomes limited to the best me. Today, I am taking care of me. I love me!

19 Mar

Purple lions cover


Getting my sexy back…

19 Mar


Take the limits off today….

25 Sep

I want you to begin to take the limits off of any area of your life that you believe that you should have more. Think out of the box and go for more. Go for a greater destiny, a greater journey, a greater joy, a greater calling…


This is HARVEST season…today…take the limits off!

Don’t just think outside the box, destroy the box!

25 Sep

GT Show

I was broken by Him to be blessed by HIM!

10 Oct

I was broken by Him to be blessed by HIM!


You can begin AGAIN…

9 May

Sometimes life can present you with some difficult tasks and situations, however please note that you can overcome, you can live, you will win!

Begin Again…

Dr. Gretchen Torbert, Ph.D.,CHLC

I really enjoyed the Oprah Event!

9 Sep

Be happy with being you, be happy with today, be happy with LIFE!


2 Feb

Welcome to my GA TKES blog post!