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Living is not living to not die but living to LIVE!

12 Apr

From the movie, The Croods!


11 Apr

The times in my life that I have truly believed without doubt…I GOT IT! I caught it in my spirit first and then it came to pass.

In tears…watching ONE FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on netflix. OMG so good!

11 Apr

Okay so I watching this movie and I am analyzing it to the fullest.

My shopping bag has 20 items, still adding more…I will cross out what I take out and use as I go…

11 Apr

Items that I plan to put in my “SHOPPING BAG!”  Idea created by ME!


  1. Learn how to play the electric guitar
  2. Learn how to speak Spanish fluently
  3. Travel to neighboring countries
  4. Develop a six pack of abs
  5. Speak in every state
  6. Write 100 books
  7. Take singing lessons and release an album
  8. Learn sign language
  9. Sell my art work in a museum
  10. Publish internationally and make the New York Times best seller list
  11. Grow my hair past my mid-back
  12. Own a national chain clothing store
  13. Attend art and design school
  14. Publish 100 authors books
  15. See my magazine in all local stores and airports
  16. Wake up once I am done sleeping…
  17. Release a show on OWN
  18. Produce, write and direct over 20 movies
  19. Model in for a national clothing line
  20.  Retire on an island… 🙂

The Law of Attraction…sometimes I close my eyes and imagine exactly how and what I want to happen and then I believe it.

11 Apr

The law of attraction is based on the premise that our universe is made up of “energy”. From the study of Quantum Physics, we know that atoms are the building blocks of the universe. And every atom consists of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency.

For example, the difference between an atom of lead and an atom of gold is that the atom of lead has energy that is vibrating at a different frequency to the energy of gold. The reason why the same particles of atoms grow together is because they are vibrating at the same frequency.

In fact, every human being is also vibrating energy at a particular frequency. This includes our thoughts and feelings. So if we want to attract the things we want, we also need to send out the vibration of thoughts at the same frequency as the things we want.

What we think determines what we believe; what we believe influences what we choose; what we choose defines what we are; and what we are attracts what we have. This is the basis of “Like attracts Like” and it is the way the law of attraction works.

So how do you apply the law of attraction? Well, the best place to start is with your current thinking process. Remember, everything starts from your thought. So the simplest way to attract what you want is to hold a mental picture of what you desire as long as possible and as often as possible.

In summary, your thoughts are vibrating energy (whether postitive or negative); you can atract anything you want by focusing your thoughts on the very thing you want. Everything else will be taken care of by the law of attraction. Remember, you are what you think you are and what you are attracts what you have.


The Croods, such an encouraging movie!

11 Apr

I am just sitting here thinking about this movie…and I must say it was so good and profound for me to watch. 1. What happens when all you know is destroyed? 2. Staying the same and never changing is more dangerous and living and exploring the newness of LIFE!

The movie was just so innovative and epic! I too have a good IDEA!

One day he used a spoon and the next day he could not….

11 Apr

I had a wonderful conversation with an elderly man that appeared to be in his right mind and then weeks later he completely loses his mind. WOW! I am thankful to God to be in my right mind at this very moment and I pray that God will watch over my old friend and meet him at his point of need. Only you God knows what is best and you will provide.

Viva Voce Magazine Interview with Nephew Tommy from The Steve Harvey Morning Show..with publisher Gretchen Torbert

11 Apr

Written by Jessica Washington, interviewed by Gretchen Torbert and Nephew Tommy

Top Notch Tommy

Part One: Article Body

From the moment the conversation began, it felt like catching up with a beloved family member. I sensed the spirit of my Baptist preaching father, the intellect of my erudite grandfather, the advice of my older brother, wrapped in a hint of the comedic genius of an original the world embraces as, “Uncle Steve” (Steve Harvey). Though he shoulders the spirits of many we may relate to, he is blazing a new trail all on his own. The one and only, Thomas Miles, better known as Nephew Tommy.

Every morning he delivers gut bubbling laughter with tear jerking humor to millions, as Nephew Tommy on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. With the unforgiving Eugene and outrageous Oatmeal within arm’s length, Thomas Miles is on a mission to keeping the unadulterated, “Stupid” truth available to everyone under the sound of his voice. Yet, don’t fail to perceive this Texas A&M graduate as clueless. He has studied with the Royal Shakespeare Company of London, taken part in a wealth of plays and movies, and is currently completing the pilot of his first sitcom in which he premieres in the starring role.

Nephew Tommy’s star is rising in television, movies and radio. His prowess, however, is not limited to these arenas. He methodically and assuredly shows endearing love to his fan base of plus sized women, by working to develop a clothing line set to premiere early 2013. If you are unable to catch him on stage, or seeking a refill of his unending foolishness, you make pick up copies of his CD’s available in stores across the nation and at

Spirituality, talent, commitment, respect and humility are combined to drive the vehicle to success Nephew Tommy currently rides. He has obviously taken seriously the chapters from his uncle’s life as the keys. After our discussion, I definitely feel we are in store a continued legacy to reach unimaginable heights. Even greater, he is sharing in his success by reasonably uplifting those around him who are actively seeking to do the same. Kudos to you, “Top Notch Tommy”.

Part Two: Article Questions

Where does Nephew Tommy’s career stand today?

“I am working everyday to reach the goals I have set. I want to expand more into movies and television. I also want to increase my brand across clothes and C.D. sales. This journey for me is a work in progress.”

Obviously, natural talent plays into the growth of your career. I even remember having to prove a co-worker you and Eugene are one in the same. This was an on-going argument, until I found a video of you in character. Can you give us some insight on your characters and this insatiable talent?

          (After pouring forward a snippet from a Shakespearean sonnet, on cue, Tommy details)

          “I majored in theater at Texas A&M University. I was one of the very few African-Americans to take on this major. Later, I took part in studying with the Royal Shakespearean Group of London. I have also been fortunate to perform in a few plays by Tennessee Williams. I credit my talent to God and am inspired by the life He’s surrounded me with.”

On a more personal note, would you like to share more light on your family life and what that means?

          “I have a great supporting team to keep me focused. The Steve Harvey Morning Show family continues to be a blessing on this journey. I am blessed with children who I desire to be a positive role model and hands-on figure. Yet, my family life is personal. I choose to keep it out of the light of my career and respect my loved ones decision to share in this light if they so choose.”

What final advice would you offer young entrepreneurs trying to get a foot in their chosen doors?

“Be ready to work hard and don’t give into laziness. The secret is simply to, ‘Keep at it!”ImageNep



10 Apr


Is the fight to shine or is it to win? If it is to shine, will your light leave someone behind? If it is to win, will others lose?

Gretchen Torbert, Ph.D.c.

Pain develops purpose and the beauty of your wings!

10 Apr

In my hand I hold a butterfly with beautiful wings.


When I think of this individual, I think about a butterfly. I think about the stages of a butterfly. The initial stage –The egg


Very few eggs reach their complete developmental stage.

You are a selected individual, he started that in your mother’s womb he knew you, he sanctified you form birth; He stated that you are wonderfully and fearfully made. Out of the eggs hatch the caterpillars. The job of the caterpillar is to eat, eat, and eat. You have consumed your education. You have experience this stage this stage. You have consumed things positively and negatively. You have been feed with the bread of life, God’ word. When the caterpillar is fully grown and slows it’s eating. It hatches it self to a place of rest. A time of peace and restoration. It goes into hibernation. On the outside, it looks like nothing is going on. It is not completely form-Things are attacking it. Life, disappointment, enemies, heartaches, pain, But inside the internal system is reorganizing and transforming itself. It is leaving those things which are behind him behind, it is becoming more than a conquer, believing that no weapon that is form against you shall prosper; no evil word shall overtake you! No evil word will defile you!

As the butterfly these things it are stretching you out. Strengthening your wings, enduring the pain, you have become such a beautiful, beautiful butterfly. Flying over things. Knowing that promotion comes from the Lord, but do you know what makes you so beautiful, the colors of your wings, it is the pain of development. The hurting of its wings as you is stretching yourself. Fly girl, fly girl, fly on, fly on—-over all things -it is yours and you are beautiful.


Butterflies develop their wings through pain!