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I want to be so close to God, that if he sneezes I catch His cold.

7 Apr

If God can make wood grow-trees- in the right habitat- then God can do so much for me in the right environment. Let me smell your breath God, feel your heart beat and catch your thoughts of greatness for me at this hour, AMEN!

Why is physical touch dangerous and important?

7 Apr

We are spiritual beings and spirits travel, every morning I take time to annoint my hands with olive oil and pray. I am a touchy, feely person so I know that where ever I go and do, I live a part of me with that person or in that place. The parts of me that I leave is from God, so I first pray for myself and then I pray for the places that I will go and people that I will see so that I leave a part of me that is from God and God is love. Today, touch a broken soul, feel someone’s pain, calm someone’s fears…love someone through it all.


No matter what, this is the day that the Lord has made…let us all rejoice and be glad in it!

7 Apr

Today, I am using my mental capacity to be thankful to God for everything that he has done for me. I am so thankful for Him allowing me to see this day, keeping me in my right mind and protecting me from dangers seen and unseen. I serve a God that no adjective can completely describe accurately. All that I am and that I will ever be is because of Him. He is a peacemaker, soul winner, burden barrier and my King. He guides my foot steps and he leads me into the paths of righteousness for His name sake. I am so thankful, the fire that I feel in my heart is from the Holy Spirit! Today, I have purpose in my heart to give- and it shall be given…Good measures, press down and shaken together…God is about to give back to me.

I am torn between two books, The Shack Revisited and Sun Stand Still…

2 Apr


I am literally drenched in the Holy Spirit. God keeps showing me profound things of the unknown…I just sit in awe of his unorthodox and immeasurable presence. His secrets are so sweet to my ears!

I was approached at work. A lady came to me and said…Everyone hates YOU!

2 Apr

She walked in my office and said, everyone here hates you.She said, “People talk about you all the time, your clothes, your voice, your kindness..blah, blah, blah!”

I laughed and thought and said, “well”…She said, “They hate the fact that you are always happy and nice to people.” I laughed and I said,” well” again….Silence lingered for a while and then I spoke with a sincere heart and mind.

“A light on the top of hill is hard to hide. I have to love some at a distance and some up close, it is not I but Christ that lives in me.” She said, “How does that make you feel? I said,” feelings are not an option in this profession. Nevertheless, not my will (feelings) but God’s well be done. My Jesus was kissed by Judas and then I wink!”

I am meek, not weak!

I prefer you to hate my shine and know that I love you, than for you to say, I like you and befriend me and dim my lights to adjust to your daylight…

I spend a large amount of my day thinking, especially in the morning.

2 Apr

The mind is a powerful tool. I oftentimes find myself in deep thought consistently through the day. I am either plotting the execution of my dreams, defending my dissertation finally and/or in another country eating something delicious and learning a new language. I am so not here …here most of the time. Do not get me wrong, I am loving the NOW of my life but I am zone into another world, existing in a world of my own where the anointing of God rest on me heavily. I especially feel his presence in the morning, it is sweet and yet like a burning fire in my bones. POWERFUL! I was reading a blog from wandering yet not lost, awesome! There is something so great happening, I sense it …funny at work I am referred to as a puppet…I laugh because I am actually God’s puppet…and the best seller is opening soon!

Life Lesson…

30 Mar

I truly understand why God commands us not to judge.. I have seen it all this year…he commands us to pray for brothers. I love now with more compassion for others. Forgiving myself, self love…loving others.

Perfect TIMING!

27 Mar

Vashti is the wife of King Ahasuerus, but although she was appointed- she was not annointed! WOW…She had to disobey her King so that the right Queen could be put into place! OMG! After Esther got into place- the HATERS showed up! But Esther was BOLD, Beautiful and sent by GOD! WHAT!


Thank you JESUS!

Reading…The Shack Revisited and OMG, OMG, OMG!

18 Mar

I read The Shack last year and it blew my mind and now a year later, The Shack Revisited….OMG….I am experiencing the same WOW experiences….I am so HIGH right now off the Holy Spirit!

Be glad to have Enemies!! They have purpose for your life!

18 Mar

Be glad that you have enemies, that means that God is preparing tables before you. Your enemies will cause you to eat well. He will also make your enemies your footstool…enjoy having enemies-they help you go higher! Love your enemies, be good to them, and thank them!